skiing skiing skiing

its just been a bunch of skiing around here as i prepare for an upcoming 3-day trip across resurrection pass in march.

i think i said before i hadnt been on skis in 20 years, so it goes without saying that i have a bunch of conditioning to do.

seems like a big part of it is getting over the mental blocks of 1. having no technique, 2. wondering when will it end, and 3. not getting mad when i crash.

im making some progress: i went from thinking 4 miles was a long trip to thinking 12 miles was plenty long. but i need to be able to do 13 miles 3 days in a row, with a heavy pack on.

gawd i hope i get there.


  1. hang in there.

    i've been thinking about skis, lately. but i shall always be a snowshoe'r….

    1. what is UP with our winter weather? im going to have to start skating or water skiing if this keeps up!