green tea sprout!

green tea sprout! by lefiligree
green tea sprout!, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

just when i think winter is way too long, and the sun will never be seen again (at least not for a few more months) something unexpected happens such as my tea seeds sprouting!

i planted 5 seeds a few months back and covered the pot with plastic wrap to keep in the humidity. i sat it in the windowsill to catch the non-existent northern light. i didnt really have any expectations. i got on with life.

meanwhile all the leaves fell off my indoor persimmon tree because the natural light was so bleak. the scented geraniums got leggy and the lemon tree got mites. it was dismal.

but this week, tea sprouts!! and that, folks, is because we are gaining 3 minutes and 39 sec of daylight each day this week!


  1. compared to you, i have nothing to gripe about, but, the darkness is waning here, to my great joy!

    1. this week we are getting a 4 minute gain! we do seem to have similar climates--your coast got all of our snow though