making wild mushroom salt

making wild mushroom salt by lefiligree
making wild mushroom salt, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

7 kinds of wild mushrooms:
counterclockwise from top left
armillaria mellea
agaricus silvicola
cantharellus tubeaformis
russula cyanoxantha
clitocybe odora
boletus edulis & b. mirabilis
1 1/2c kosher salt

powder enough dehydrated mushrooms to make 1 1/2c powder. hand mix with kosher salt. add to soups, stews, spaghetti sauce and anything that needs extra umami flavor. a few people in my family dont "like" mushrooms, so this is how we eat them. no slimy/chewy texture but all the woodsy flavor.

making wild mushroom salt


  1. you are the most resourceful and imaginative alaskan woman i know….

    ….and i'm STILL jonesing for a lefiligree scarf for my cold neck….

    1. goodness! the most exciting thing are the dyes I've been developing from AK berries! Crowberry purple is almost identical to the logwood scarf you liked from years ago. I hope to get going on some scarves with some crowberries i picked and froze.

  2. Replies
    1. it might be the best way to utilize mushrooms for a family that thinks they hate mushrooms ;-)