hide and seek

mama moose by lefiligree
mama moose, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

i kind of made a stupid choice, which happens when its not quite spring, but the sun is shining, and there are no birds to find but there are moose sunning themselves in the middle of the willow bog. and the snow is crotch deep and all the good hiding spots are non-existent for crouching under spruce and snapping pictures. but its late winter and, again, the sun is shining.

i was out walking cider and i saw this glossy mama moose in the bog and i couldnt resist. what with the sun shining and making those baby blue shadows on the mounds of snow. so i walked cider right back home, told him it was for his own good, grabbed my long lens and hurried back.

it was tough making it to the middle of the bog in the deep snow. the snow was crusty but not tough enough to hold my weight. i made a racket trying to get to from spindly spruce to dead snag. i found an acceptable hiding spot about 30 feet away and settled in.

but then she got curious.

and curious-er, due to the sun shining.

and then we playing "all around the mulberry bush" until i was screaming like a baby.



green tea sprout!

green tea sprout! by lefiligree
green tea sprout!, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

just when i think winter is way too long, and the sun will never be seen again (at least not for a few more months) something unexpected happens such as my tea seeds sprouting!

i planted 5 seeds a few months back and covered the pot with plastic wrap to keep in the humidity. i sat it in the windowsill to catch the non-existent northern light. i didnt really have any expectations. i got on with life.

meanwhile all the leaves fell off my indoor persimmon tree because the natural light was so bleak. the scented geraniums got leggy and the lemon tree got mites. it was dismal.

but this week, tea sprouts!! and that, folks, is because we are gaining 3 minutes and 39 sec of daylight each day this week!


skiing skiing skiing

its just been a bunch of skiing around here as i prepare for an upcoming 3-day trip across resurrection pass in march.

i think i said before i hadnt been on skis in 20 years, so it goes without saying that i have a bunch of conditioning to do.

seems like a big part of it is getting over the mental blocks of 1. having no technique, 2. wondering when will it end, and 3. not getting mad when i crash.

im making some progress: i went from thinking 4 miles was a long trip to thinking 12 miles was plenty long. but i need to be able to do 13 miles 3 days in a row, with a heavy pack on.

gawd i hope i get there.


happy old year / happy new year

this is us laughing at poop jokes. something i'm sure we will continue to do at the dinner table for many years to come. i love my peeps!


15 below

15 below by lefiligree
15 below, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

my friend & coworker A. invited me to ski out to some yurts last weekend to celebrate the full moon and explore the frozen Eagle River for 3 days. I'd had my doubts that I'd survive since i hadnt been on skis for 20 years, but as any great back country girl, she had 2 of every piece of gear one might need and she suited me up.

another coworker, a different coworkers girlfriend, and our company mascot all joined in. hey, what could go wrong? i mean, that right there sounds like a weekend no one should miss!

...we established early on that what happens at the yurt stays at the yurt, but look at this scenery!! we got maybe 10" snow while we were out. the coolest thing was listening to the sheets of snow avalanche off the yurt late at night once we got the fire roaring, and the river ice popping as the midnight temps plummeted.


making wild mushroom salt

making wild mushroom salt by lefiligree
making wild mushroom salt, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

7 kinds of wild mushrooms:
counterclockwise from top left
armillaria mellea
agaricus silvicola
cantharellus tubeaformis
russula cyanoxantha
clitocybe odora
boletus edulis & b. mirabilis
1 1/2c kosher salt

powder enough dehydrated mushrooms to make 1 1/2c powder. hand mix with kosher salt. add to soups, stews, spaghetti sauce and anything that needs extra umami flavor. a few people in my family dont "like" mushrooms, so this is how we eat them. no slimy/chewy texture but all the woodsy flavor.

making wild mushroom salt