a lil cold water never hurts

river crossing, testing the waters

a lil rain, some wind, sharp rocks and a mossy bed: feels like a spa treatment!not deep but colder than hatredevening light on williwaw peakmy tent, G's tentpurifying water is fun


williwaw lakes, back country

headed out backpacking, packin' the HK and bear spray

due to schedules, G and i had to head out late in the evening and didnt get started hiking until 6:00P with 7 miles of hiking to go. this time we carried our own guns instead of bringing men. about time, right? there were lots of tents already set up by the time we made it to the second lake (8:30P), so we crossed the river to set up camp on the north side of lake #2.

headed to williwaw lakes. williwaw peak straight aheadgot drink?looking for a crossingwilliwaw lake #2williwaw lake #1crossing williwaw lake #2, 8:30PM


edge of spring

best sunbathing spot

up along the cliffs at windy point is this nice platform with a view of turnagain arm and the tiny town of hope across the way. the best spot for sunbathing. wish you were here. up along the cliffs with the wildflowers.

primulasdaisiespolemonium, jacobs ladderwindy pointdraba


hide and seek

mama moose by lefiligree
mama moose, a photo by lefiligree on Flickr.

i kind of made a stupid choice, which happens when its not quite spring, but the sun is shining, and there are no birds to find but there are moose sunning themselves in the middle of the willow bog. and the snow is crotch deep and all the good hiding spots are non-existent for crouching under spruce and snapping pictures. but its late winter and, again, the sun is shining.

i was out walking cider and i saw this glossy mama moose in the bog and i couldnt resist. what with the sun shining and making those baby blue shadows on the mounds of snow. so i walked cider right back home, told him it was for his own good, grabbed my long lens and hurried back.

it was tough making it to the middle of the bog in the deep snow. the snow was crusty but not tough enough to hold my weight. i made a racket trying to get to from spindly spruce to dead snag. i found an acceptable hiding spot about 30 feet away and settled in.

but then she got curious.

and curious-er, due to the sun shining.

and then we playing "all around the mulberry bush" until i was screaming like a baby.